Christina Aguilera covers the Brazilian issue of 'ELLE' magazine.

Christina looks stunning on the cover wearing a red flowing dress.  Christina talks to the magazine about pressure for women in Hollywood, being alone, her plans for 2014 and much more.  Here is what Christina shared with the magazine:

Strong Woman, Christina Aguilera is not only pop music. Since that impressed the world with his booming voice at the end of the 1990s, charting singles immediately as Genie in a Bottle and What a Girl Wants , the American singer is reinventing itself. With over ten years of career, gradually abandoned the teen image, accumulated hundreds of musical awards (including some Grammy), incorporated electronic rhythms, received a star on the Walk of Fame and a chair queen in the program The Voice U.S. . Today But it does more aggressive and provocative style of Stripped (2002) – the disc that dared more in the lyrics and sound – or that Aguilera gave a triple kiss on Madonna and Britney Spears. After the birth of her son, Max, now 5, and involvement with humanitarian causes, she is more peace and love in the footprint of their third album, My Kind of Christimas (2000). “I love Christmas and I can not wait to get it!” Said the creative director Ines N├ęspoli during the test photos in Los Angeles. Between trips to Rwanda to launch her ​​new perfume, Unforgettable , Christina Aguilera spoke to ELLE Brazil.

Are you already a star for some time. When you can really be yourself?
I’m myself especially when I’m surrounded by people I love and my son. I come home like any other mother, put comfortable clothes, makeup shot and then the real work begins.

Do you feel that there is pressure on women to be perfect and this is becoming less important?I guess that the pressure on women has existed throughout history. There is much emphasis on beauty and products for the ideal woman. I believe that mature women really understand what they are and are more comfortable with themselves than the younger. For me, the beauty that comes from within is worth the effort: to be genuine, happy, healthy and strong. What others say does not bother me. Actually inspires me even more to find inner peace.

What to do to be good about herself?
Self-confidence and self-awareness also. When you know your strengths, you can bring them to the surface and use them to shine. And there are little things you can do to feel sexy. Use perfume or lingerie even when no one will see it gives a boost of confidence that only you can feel.

Increase the self-esteem of women is an important goal for you?Of course! I feel strongly that women need to come together and support each other, much more than compete. The woman is so strong by nature. The process of having a child, for example, requires such force.

Have you changed after becoming a mother?Completely. Before the birth of Max, I was the center of the world. What things can I do to feel good and be comfortable? Now Max has ever before. He feels safe? This will be fun for him? This is the trip that my son wants to do? That does not mean I do not have more time for me, just that priorities have changed.

Do you feel alone?
I’m not sure what that means. Being alone means not having anyone near you. And it can be corrected. But being lonely is a sad feeling. I think when I was younger, on tour and not in normal school like other children, I felt lonely. Even with all the people around me. But now that I’m in a wonderful time of life, I feel totally the opposite. When I’m alone, I do not feel lonely. I am comfortable with myself.

You always reinvents itself. What’s to come?I like to change my looks constantly because it is an easy and fun way to express myself as an artist. This starts with an inner vibration suddenly the transformation is a hair color, lipstick or just in the wardrobe. I like to keep my eye in tune with my music, then the changes are usually accompanied by a creative change my music.

What are your plans for 2014?We just finished the fifth season of The Voice U.S. . Then I intend to focus on the music, since I’m always writing. I have also worked more with the World Food Programme. My most recent trip as an ambassador of the United Nations Organizations was Rwanda. It broke my heart and inspired me to keep doing my fieldwork. People out there truly awesome and taught me much about the struggle to live and get food. I hope to return soon.

What do you think of Brazil?I’m so glad you asked me that because I’m so grateful to my fans in Brazil. When I made ​​my homemade video of Let There Be Love , Brazilian fans sent me a wonderful photo montage made ​​by them. Touched my heart and inspired me even more to make music. I really want to thank them from the bottom of my heart. Always accompany my fans in Brazil and say “thank you”!  Thax

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