Nick Jonas has become a model.

Nick Jonas first showed his cock a la Marky Mark and now he does a photo spread for Mexico's 'EstiloDF'.  Nick talks about what he looks for in a so called "girl", how he loves to visit Mexico, his music and so much more.

Who is Nick Jonas?
I am a changing being, a person constantly evolving, but tries to stay centered and focused on what he loves and loves, without losing the fun and good humor. I am a blessed man, because my work is actually what I like to do; I enjoy the way of my life.
Whenever you come to visit, Mexico smiles, how you enjoy this country?
I love Mexico, the smiles of my beautiful fans and, of course, delicious food. In Los Angeles there are many Mexican restaurants, but none as good as here at home. That's what I enjoy most about Mexico, the love of the beautiful people and, of course, gastronomy.
The response of the Mexican public has been very good, how are you feeling?
It feels awesome. Being in a country where English is not the primary language and still hear how the audience sings new songs with you is a dream come true, it means the world to me.
How and when did you realize that you belonged to the world of the stage?
Very early, I think I was born with music attached. I even think I learned to sing before speaking;well, my dad was a musician, sang and played the piano very well; I think I see him and, especially, grow with him and his sound woke love today I have for music. It was love at first sight, it was always there.

How is the relationship you have with music?
It is a relationship that evolves over time; of course always be my passion and what I love with all my heart, but I also think that the more we engage becomes a bigger challenge. Like any relationship, you should be careful to endure and grow, so I'm always focused on improving and get better every day.
You're a multifaceted and talented man, is there any other skill you have not yet brought to light?
I think we all have talents that have not yet discovered, I'm trying to find them. What I can say is that I am a very active person looking to grow and explore new things.
Is there any dream you have pending perform?
Many. My biggest dream was always music and I'm immersed in that world, but as an extension of it could be said that beat in the business world, stand out as an artist, finding new opportunities and interesting projects, working with others, discovering new talent and try to explore and evolve it with my music.

We've seen him perform before and you've done incredibly well, do you have plans to return to the screens as histrionic?
Yeah, actually I never left. Just finished recording episodes Kingdom and probably early next year to see the new episodes. This television series I really liked and enjoyed it enough, it's a pretty intense family drama where I play Nate Kulina, a character that has impacted on me; I really think I was blessed to have the opportunity to interpret. I am very happy because it is planned that there are two other seasons.
You tell me about your album Nick Jonas, how would you describe the sound of this production?
The sound reflects the discovery of myself in this new stage as soloist. It's my first album, all influences are present in it, I think it is a very real and natural material. I am in every song.
Who or what inspires the lyrics?
Many people and different circumstances that have been part of my life. From past relationships, family, even personal situations. I always use the lyrics and music of my songs to express what I feel.

What is the difference between working alone and make music with your brothers?
There are many, the largest is, of course, now I'm just me and all responsibilities fall on me, which is exciting because I love what I do as a soloist, but also strange to share that with my brothers. I enjoyed sharing the love of music with them, I also believe that being in a band prepares to exit safer out there.
Is the relationship with your brothers changed after the separation of Jonas Brothers?
We got to the point where work together affect our relationship as brothers, so together we decided to close that chapter, and even now still believe that was the smartest. They will always be my family, that's what matters in the end we stayed together.

What Disney meant in your life?
It was a good place to start. Definitely gave me many good experiences and opportunities to show my work, but now I feel more free to do and say what I think.
An experience that changed your life?
There are many. One day sitting at my computer I began to reflect on the many special presentations in amazing places like the Grammys or concerts at the White House, I do not remember having enjoyed as much as I would have liked; I get stressed by many things and not enjoyed. That moment of reflection helped me that in this new stage as soloist, I will set the goal to enjoy every single moment of my life.
How is your ideal girl?
A charismatic girl, with good sense of humor, which of course be patient and understand my lifestyle, to support me, and something very important: always be honest.
A phrase that describes you?
"Live like you are at the bottom, even if you are at the top", which means you always keep your feet on the ground.