Paris Hilton ex boyfriend River Viiperi looks very handsome.

River Viiperi covers 'Da Man' magazine as a 'Master of His Own Destiny'.  River says he loves doing photo shoots and using his imagination since some shoots have bigger budgets than others.  Here is what River had to say:

DA: Can you recall the most fun shoot you’ve ever been part of?
RV: Every shoot I do is fun, and all projects are different. Usually, the more entertaining ones are those with big budgets, but the others that don’t have that big budget also involve people who put tremendous amounts of effort into their job. When working in one of the latter, I have just as much, or even more, fun as it involves a lot of imagination when the budget is limited.
DA: Speaking of fun, being a model requires you to travel to a lot of places. What are the most memorable ones?
RV: There are so many; every trip has its special moments. From fashion weeks in Milan and Paris where you get to see all of your friends that you might not see throughout the year, to crazy shoots in sick locations that you know you might never visit again.
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