Listen to new song Clumsy from Britney Spears now at
Britney Spears is not holding back this era. She might be brain dead but her handlers aren't.  Britney just a few days ago release her video for the horrible song 'Make Me' and now she has released another song from her upcoming album 'Glory'.

Glory is a stupid title for an album.  Britney has released her new song 'Clumsy'. Clumsy is a song with a upbeat tempo and some sass infuse in there.  Sadly to me it sounds like a cheap copy of 'Jessica Simpon's' song 'Swing With Me'. Which came out in 2006.  Listen to both tracks and let us know what you guys think.

NEW MUSIC: BRITNEY SPEARS 'CLUMSY' NEW MUSIC: BRITNEY SPEARS 'CLUMSY' Reviewed by JJSantoro on August 11, 2016 Rating: 5