Nick Jonas does another magazine cover.

Nick Jonas doesn't do much in terms of acting. He does things here and there. Nick has mostly become a socialite who sometimes acts.  Anyway Nick does a what i am assuming is a Fashion photo spread for the magazine 'Clash'.

In the magazine Nick is wearing pants and shirts wow what an amazing Photo spread.  He was styled by Ian Bradley and photograph by Eric Chakeen.  Here is what Nick had to say:

I’ve really pushed myself to find the optimism in what I want to say, from the sounds that inspire what I’m doing to the things I’m willing to talk about in my lyrics.I certainly don’t have a secret recipe as to how it’s done, There are going to be some missteps. I’m willing to ride that out and I think the key has just been staying patient.

NICK JONAS COVERS 'CLASH' MAGAZINE ISSUE #106 NICK JONAS COVERS 'CLASH' MAGAZINE ISSUE #106 Reviewed by JJSantoro on February 16, 2018 Rating: 5